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About us in short:

We get our cargos to their destinations with express speed and precise, careful expertise.

Our main destinations are the member states of the European Union. In case of a special order, we undertake transports called ‘load-in one day, unload next day’ to any locations in Europe – even to England, Spain or France.

Special service: transporting hazardous substances that need cooling!

New service: transporting explosives!

Company data:
Registered office:
16. Külső-Újvárosi utca, Hajdúböszörmény, 4220, Hungary
Tax number: 58907834-2-29

SzaboFrigoCargo Kft. SzaboFrigoCargo Kft. 5 palettás VW Crafter tehergépjármű 8 palettás VW Crafter tehergépjármű 18T MAN TGA 18 EUR raklapos tehergépjármű Szabo Frigo Cargo Flotta Szabo Frigo Cargo Flotta Szabo Frigo Cargo Flotta 6 palettás VW Crafter tehergépjármű

Szabo Frigo Cargo

Welcome to my web site on behalf of Szabo Frigo Cargo!

Please, let me briefly introduce You to my enterprise.

In 2009, I established Szabo Frigo Cargo so that I would join both home and international transport. In addition to ordinary transport, I would have liked to make a foray into these fields with some special, fancy service; so I decided on express international cooled transport.

This business started up as a one-man enterprise, but later – owing to the precise, quick and correct fulfilment of the cargos – the ever-multiplying orders made it necessary to expand the enterprise.

By now, we are available to our consignors with 5 express refrigerator vans and 2 refrigerator lorries with total weights above 3.5 tons.

Cooled transport of hazardous substances is also part of our special range of services (refrigerator + ADR).

Transporting explosives is our brand-new service.

As a matter of course, we also undertake both home and international transport of ordinary goods not requiring cooling, guided by Your demands.

If You find my services interesting, or simply would like to have further information, please do not hesitate to turn to me with confidence.

Yours sincerely:
Zsolt Szabó