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About us in short:

We get our cargos to their destinations with express speed and precise, careful expertise.

Our main destinations are the member states of the European Union. In case of a special order, we undertake transports called ‘load-in one day, unload next day’ to any locations in Europe – even to England, Spain or France.

Special service: transporting hazardous substances that need cooling!

New service: transporting explosives!

Company data:
Registered office:
16. Külső-Újvárosi utca, Hajdúböszörmény, 4220, Hungary
Tax number: 58907834-2-29

SzaboFrigoCargo Kft. SzaboFrigoCargo Kft. 5 palettás VW Crafter tehergépjármű 8 palettás VW Crafter tehergépjármű 18T MAN TGA 18 EUR raklapos tehergépjármű Szabo Frigo Cargo Flotta Szabo Frigo Cargo Flotta Szabo Frigo Cargo Flotta 6 palettás VW Crafter tehergépjármű

Motor Vehicle Stock

Our motor vehicle stock comprises: